Grevillea Rosy Posy

Grevillea Rosy Posy™

Grevillea rosmarinifolia selected form

Birds love Rosy Posy™ for the nectar flowing from its waxy pink and cream flowers from winter to summer and gardeners continue to plant it for its small compact size and versatility. Whether you want a long-flowering small hedge along pathways or narrow areas, a blender in general planting, in a container on a deck or as indoor decoration in small vases, Rosy Posy™ adapts to all of these with a minimum of fuss or maintenance. Flexible too in the climate requirements, cold temperate, sub tropical or semi arid are fine in well drained clay or sandy loams , neutral to low acid to low alkaline pH. Inland frosts don’t provide a challenge, nor do coastal sites. No wonder Rosy Posy™ is a perennial favourite.

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