Grevillea Tucker Time Winter Feast

Grevillea Tucker Time® Winter Feast™

Grevillea parvula x juniperina prostrate

Plants that flower in winter are essential and Tucker Time® Winter Feast™ is perfect for honey-eating birds seeking a mid-year source of energy. As well as sustenance this small dense shrub provides a great nesting site or just somewhere for small birds to bed down for the night. The crimson bunches of flowers actually start blooming in late summer, continuing through to spring. Tucker Time® Winter Feast™ will tolerate both open and semi shaded spots in climates ranging from cold temperate to sub tropical or semi arid, in well drained moist clay or sandy loams, neutral to low acid pH.  Frost tolerance is high, and gardens near the coast are just fine. Use in a mix with other small colourful plants or more formally as a lightly trimmed hedge.

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