Grevillea Rosy’s Baby (PBR)

Grevillea Rosy’s Baby

Grevillea rosmarinifolia selection

Grevillea Rosy’s Baby is the first offspring from the ever popular Grevillea Rosy Posy and shares attributes of  compact size, bird attraction and versatility. The soft green bronze-tipped foliage has ‘lantern like’ flower heads of pink and cream, displayed on the outside of the foliage, nice and easy for honey-eating birds to see their lunch spot throughout winter, spring and early summer. Adaptable to climates ranging from cold temperate, sub tropical to semi arid in well drained clay or sandy loam, neutral to low acid and low alkaline pH soils. Tolerates inland frost and thrives in coastal gardens. As a soft hedge for narrow areas or as a blender in general garden plantings, Grevillea Rosy’s Baby is one of the new breed of plants developed for the smaller garden.

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