We’re loving Northcote Pottery‘s new urbanLITE ‘Ridgemore’ family of pots!
They’re made from high quality fibre-clay so they’re lightweight, textural and perfect for a showy native plant display.

1. Start with a set of Ridgemore U pots in striking washed black.
2. In the biggest pot make a feature of Adenanthos ‘Silver Sensation’ with striking silver foliage.
3. Fill the second pot with Grevillea ‘Rosy’s Baby’ which boasts showy pink and cream flowers from early winter to early summer on a plant 50-100 cm tall.
4. Add another splash of pink to your potted display with Bauera ‘Rose Carpet’ in the 3rd pot. It’s a groundcover to just 50 cm tall with pretty magenta pink mini rose-like flowers through most of year.
5. Then complete your potted picture with Hibbertia ‘Sun Shine’ a ground hugging variety, which is smothered in sunshine yellow blooms all year round.

You can find Ridgemore pots at your local independent nursery or garden centre.