Whether you choose to have a formal styled garden or more casual feel, hedges are a great way to create “rooms” in your garden and a sense of cosiness, privacy and order. Native plants are a wonderful choice. They’re easily established and maintained, frost tolerant, and attract native birds and wildlife to your garden. Plus, they look absolutely stunning with their uniquely textured and coloured foliage and beautiful flowers! Hedging should never limit you to dull plants and there’s heaps of options out there that won’t disappoint – especially when it comes to varieties from Austraflora.

Here’s our top 5 native hedges:

  1. Banksia Sentinel (pictured)
  2. Callistemon Kings Park Special
  3. Prostanthera Minty
  4. Grevillea Orange Box
  5. Westringia Edna Walling Rosemary

Ensure that you use good quality clean tools when tending to your hedge. For the first couple of years when establishing your hedge, lightly prune regularly before they reach your desired height. This will encourage your plants to thicken up with healthy fresh growth, and avoid bare woody sections. Once your hedge is established, you can trim twice a year in late winter or early spring to neaten any new growth, and then again in summer to maintain shape. Add your pruned material to the compost bin, then mulch and feed your hedge with a native fertiliser. Happy Hedging!