Banksia Sentinel (PBR)

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Banksia integrifolia selection ‘BIT 11’

Have you ever bought plants for those hard to cover narrow areas on fencelines and walls that end up half way across your drive or pathway?

Well, worry no more. Austraflora has bred and trialled Banksia Sentinel just for those awkward spots.

While it will grow to around two metres high, it only has a spread of a metre or so, and if it does threaten to scratch the RR, it’s a simple matter of trimming back the offending leaves.  This will produce an even denser habit.

Like so many Aussie plants, Sentinel’s flowers will be visited by honeyeaters; the large lemon brushes will keep the birds happy from summer through to mid winter, whether you have an inland garden or a first-line coastal plot.  You can also grow it as a small windbreak or clip it as a neat hedge.

Moist but well drained clay loam or sandy soils are all good for Sentinel, and cold temperate to tropical climates will suit it.

Sentinel is the Designer Plant that landscapers have had on their wishlist for a long time.

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