Leptospermum Mozzie Blocker (PBR)

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Leptospermum liversidgei ‘BY11’

Keep mozzies at bay by planting Leptospermum Mozzie Blocker near to where you spend those warm nights on decks or around the barbecue. If you want move them from one area to another, plant in large containers but don’t allow these to dry out. The oil vaporizing from the small fine foliage confuses mosquitoes and other annoying insects, thus making your outdoor leisure time much more pleasant. Planting as hedges near areas of outdoor living will provide an effective deterrent; for a dense medium screen plants can be easily trimmed up to around 1.8 metres. You’ll enjoy the smell of the citronella oil as you prune, even if the mozzies don’t. As a bonus Leptospermum Mozzie Blocker produces pink tea tree flowers along its fine stems in summer. Further good news is that Leptospermum Mozzie Blocker will grow in a wide range of climates, from cool temperate to tropical in moist sand or clay loams, neutral to low acid pH. Will tolerate light frosts and near-coastal locations.

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