Leptospermum Lemon Lime n Bitters

Leptospermum Lemon Lime ‘n Bitters

Leptospermum petersenii dwarf selection

Now here’s a dwarf plant you can drink a toast to because you’ll be seeing it in a lot of low borders, as hedging or softening the edge of a rockery.  Cute, colourful and tough is a big ask of any plant, but not only does Leptospermum Lemon Lime ‘n Bitters have it all, but its leaves are full of citronella oil and it’s covered with white teatree flowers in spring, which the butterflies love. Moist clay loam or sandy soils in cool temperate to sub tropical climates will suit just fine, and you decide its shape by how little or how much you prune it.  As it only grows 50cm high and wide, this isn’t a great chore.

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