Grevillea Fanfare

Grevillea Fanfare™

Grevillea gaudichaudii x longifolia

Fanfare™ is the classic living mulch. As temperatures climb and rainfall decreases it means more regular watering of precious plants has to take place—not that this isn’t a pleasant contemplative time. But you’d like to think that the water you’re applying will benefit your garden and not just evaporate into the atmosphere. Well, this is where living mulch in the form of low growing plants comes to your aid, by not only looking good, but also minimising evaporation.  Fanfare™ is a perennial favourite, an attractive plant with pinky-red to claret toothbrush flowers spreading across dense divided red-tipped green foliage; a great bird attractor and suited to cool temperate to subtropical and semi arid climates, in well drained clay or sandy loams, neutral to acid pH.  Frost tolerant and does well at the seaside.

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