Grevillea Coral Baby

Grevillea Coral Baby

Grevillea lavandulacea x chrysophaea

No seahorses hiding in these coral flowers but here’s another winner from the Austraflora stable.

Small and compact (40cm H x 80cm W), it’s a lovely little shrub with fine dense foliage, and the flowers bloom from winter to spring, giving the honeyeaters a great lunch site.

In a container on a deck or patio, the subtle beauty of Grevillea Coral Baby can be appreciated in detail, or plant it en masse to add its charm to small gardens.  An occasional light trim will keep it neat and encourage even denser flowering; well drained soils in cool temperate to sub tropical and semi arid climates are suitable, frost is not a problem, and with a little protection from salt winds it will do well at the seaside.

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