Grevillea Carpet Crawl

Grevillea Carpet Crawl

Grevillea rivularis x G. Fanfare

Carpet Crawl has one of those self-evident names. It’s low & spreading, durable & attractive. With a 2-3 m spread but a height of only around 50 cm it’s a great low hedging plant, adding to its main function as a dense, moisture-conserving ground cover. The deeply divided bronze-red foliage displays great patterns on the ground and is wonderfully effective as a curtain hanging down vertical walls or steep slopes.  Nectar-rich tooth-brush flowers of deep purple-red and pink keep the birds coming back throughout the year. Happy in cool temperate to sub tropical climates in moist but well drained clay or sandy loam of a neutral to low acid pH, in inland frosty areas or on the coast.

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