Eucalyptus Little Star

Eucalyptus Little Star

Eucalyptus forresterae

Little Star is a small tree or mallee named after Austraflora’s Sue Forrester who, together with Bill Molyneux, recognized it as a new species in a remote region of Gippsland, Victoria. At a height of 3-7 metres & a width of 2-3 metres, it has much to recommend it for small or large gardens and streetscape planting; its smooth olive green or gold stems, small grey-green foliage, clusters of red-orange buds throughout winter and a massed display of cream flowers from spring to early summer set it aside from other small eucalypts. It is extremely frost & cold resistant so cool to temperate climates suit it best.  It likes moist but well drained gravelly or clay loams of neutral to acid pH.  Little Star is a big winner.

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