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Dianella caerulea hybrid selection

If the Goddess Diana were a gardener this would be her favourite. She’d grow it indoors as a container plant or use it in bold floral arrangements; or combine with other plants that thrive in partly shaded areas, either in the ground or in containers. Talk about Versatility.  It’s hardy, handsome and easy to manage.  Dainty deep blue flowers are followed by purple fruit; and as a foliage & contrast plant it’s a stand out. Goddess may reach a metre in height and 50cm in width, so if you want a multi-stemmed effect that’s easily achieved ~ just plant several beside each other. And you can cut the stems for long lasting indoor decoration in a large vase. Versatility extends to liking a wide range of climates from cool temperate through to tropical; it’s happy in moist clay loams of a neutral to acid pH.  Truly a queen of a plant.

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