Dianella Cherry Red (PBR)

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Some plants have a headstart over others: size, flowers, foliage texture, colour, perfume. But maybe the single most important character is ‘function’, with ‘reliability’ a close second.  Cherry Red has most of these assets in spades and throws in another, beautiful blue fruit which any Satin Bowerbird would crave.

Handsome strap foliage reaches about 75cm high, forming a clump the same width. Striking cherry red leaf bases and graceful flower stems catch the eye, with deep blue flowers adding a zingy contrast in late spring and summer.

It’s a multi-purpose plant, eye-catching in containers or planted as borders along driveways or path edges, and mass planted in large beds for strong simple effect. Cool temperate to tropical climates  and well drained soils will suit it, frost is of little concern, but some protection from salt wind is needed if planted by the coast.

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