Darwinia Seaspray

Darwinia Seaspray

Darwinia citriodora (prostrate form)

When Darwinia Seaspray is battered with salt-laden rain or wind in its natural habitat, it just shakes its leaves and gets on with what it does best, being an attractive small groundcover or container plant.  It has lemon-scented silvery-green foliage and unusual orange & red flowers from winter through to summer.  Darwinia Seaspray grows to around 15-30cm high and 50-90cm across and shows to great effect on path edges or amongst bold rock work, and of course as a container plant for decks, patios and courtyards. Suited to dry gravelly or well drained clay loam in cool temperate to semi arid and sub tropical climates and will tolerate moderate frost exposure.

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