Brachyscome Mauve Bliss

Brachyscome Mauve Bliss

Brachyscome hybrid

You’ll need your sunnies on to take in the vibrant colours of these new Brachyscome daisies.  Dotted across your garden, sitting in pots on your patio, or making a splash of colour at eye level throughout the year ~ they’re irresistible.  And the butterflies will thank you for a day-long tipple of nectar.

Be adventurous and mix & match different colours.  Or blend them with other plants ~ there’s no rules, it’s up to you.  As they only grow 15cm high and 30cm wide, you’ll have fun filling in the small pockets in your garden.

Designer Daisies are comfortable in cool to sub tropical climates, in a range of moist well drained soils with full sun or partial shade.  A light trim and an annual feed of native fertilizer will keep them thriving, and your garden in a state of constant bliss.

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