Silver doesn’t equal “second best” when it comes to gardening! We love how these sweet silver foliaged plants can soften any landscape and create a cool and calming garden that you’ll simply want to relax in every day. We find that silver foliage looks absolutely perfect when paired with flowers that are white, mauve and blue. They also make an excellent contrast plant amongst your usual green-leaved choices.

Here are our favourite silver Austraflora plants:

Lomandra Frosty Top (pictured)

This is one of our very favourite grasses. Very fine and long sweeping foliage in a stunning blue colour, with creamy yellow flowers. Extremely hardy and low maintenance, and would look excellent as a massed planting, along paths, or scattered through rockeries. They can also be planted in containers for a striking and modern look.

Grevillea Pick o’ The Crop

This one is a fantastic choice in any garden. Long, red, bird-attracting flowers and interesting grey foliage. Cool temperate to sub-tropical and semi-arid climates are all suitable, it’s frost hardy and with some protection, and is fine in coastal sites. Make the most of its long flowering nature by planting in large containers for courtyard and patio decoration.  An occasional trim of the foliage is all that’s needed to keep it neat.

Westringia Silver Lining

Aptly named, attractive ground cover with small, silver-grey leaves that are tightly packed on the stems. Pretty white flowers appear in winter and spring. Suited to temperate climates and most well-drained sandy, loam or clay soils. Tolerant of dry conditions, sea spray and wind. Useful as a tough spreading ground cover as it responds well to pruning.

Adenanthos Silver Sensation

This is a gorgeous shrub that is new to the Austraflora range. A tactile and compact shrub with the softest silky grey-green foliage. If the foliage isn’t enough of a feature for you, bright, bird-attracting, orange flowers will cover the shrub for most of the year. Adenanthos Silver Sensation would look magnificent planted up in a big pot or container, and be sure to become a garden talking point!