Grevillea Pick o’ The Crop (PBR)

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Grevillea bipinnatifida x thyrsoides

Some have it all, some do not.  Out of an extensive breeding program, Pick o’ the Crop met everything in the long list of ‘must haves’:  hardiness in a range of climates and soils; colourful, well displayed bird-attracting flowers; attractive foliage; and adaptable to many landscape options.

Keen gardeners everywhere can boast about having Pick o’ the Crop in their gardens; cool temperate to sub tropical and semi arid climates are all suitable, it’s frost hardy and with some protection, is fine in coastal sites.  Make the most of its long flowering nature by planting in large containers for courtyard and patio decoration.  An occasional trim of the foliage is all that’s needed to keep it neat.

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