Looking to add a bit of brightness to your garden? Here’s some Australian natives that are worth their weight in gold!
These dazzling beauties will attract the bees and add some much needed colour and excitement to your garden. Treat yourself to some golden flowers and bask in the warmth!

Acacia Pot O Gold

A sweet little treasure in any garden. Mounding ground cover growing 50-100cm high with lovely ball flowers. Loves full sun to part shade.

Grevillea Old Gold

A low and mounding shrub, with superb gold and coral bunched flowers blooming at all times of the year. Grows to just 50-100cm high. Easy to take care of, and a stunning choice for rockeries and containers.

Grevillea Canterbury Gold

A classic and reliable choice, with bunches of nectar-rich soft lemon blooms. An arching and mounding ground cover growing 100-150cm high. Pop it in your garden for some little rays of sunny yellow.

Pandorea Wonga Gold Sunrise

If you’re wanting something different to lightly screen a fence or wall, this may be the perfect choice! Lovely rainbow trumpets cover this climber from early spring to summer, showcasing the colours of an Australian sunrise. Grows with moderate vigour.

Pandorea Wonga Gold Sunset

A similar climber to Pandorea Wonga Gold Sunset, but with a richer colour flower. This one is simply stunning, and will create an eye-catching look with its purple pink and orange blooms. Screens a fence or wall easily, and has big results for not much work.