Rhodanthe Sunray Snow (PBR)

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Rhodanthe anthemoides selection

Here’s a name you shouldn’t forget; you can see that Rhodanthe Sunray Snow tells its own story but you may not know that in alpine winters, it’s safe and snug beneath the snow.  You can be sure that it will tolerate some low temperatures and frost. You’ll also find that the snowy little flowers open from pink buds throughout the year in the lowlands. Cutting back flowers and buds for posies indoors is recommended; the plant will respond well to light pruning.  Good drainage, either in loam or even stony gravels is preferred, and it will grow in cool temperate to sub tropical climates ~ and if you keep the root system cool with a gravel mulch too, it will be fine in full sun. Mix it with bright colours in garden beds or containers, and it stands out as a basket specimen all on its own.



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