Grevillea Panrock Princess


Grevillea Panrock Princess

Grevillea petrophiloides x Grevillea oligomera

Grevillea Panrock Princess is a showy plant with spectacular hot pink/red flowers on upright branches held above the foliage for most of the year. They attract numerous honey-eating birds to the garden and make a lovely cut flower when picked in bud stage. Can be planted amongst others as a vibrant floral feature, or mass planted in larger landscapes. Grows to a height of 1.5m – 1.8m and width of 1.8m. Naturally compact, but plants respond to a light autumn pruning and removal of old flowers stems if needed. Can be used as an effective screening plant. Grows best in full sun to dappled shade and is frost hardy to at least -3 degrees C. Extremely drought tolerant. Be sure to water regularly to establish over first summer. Hardy in sands, loams and gravelly soils – must be well drained.

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