Grevillea Cherry Pie (PBR)

Grevillea Cherry Pie (PBR)

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Grevillea longistyla x elegans

Luscious ripe-cherry flowers sitting above the finely divided foliage for much of the year invite the honeyeaters in for a feast ~ there’s seldom a time when you won’t find birds enjoying the flowers.

As a screen to around 2 metres high it’s a perfect choice, but it’s just as stunning when seen from a distance amongst other shrubs. The shiny red flowers have a huge appeal.

Bred in central mid-western Queensland, it does well in the sub tropical & semi arid regions; and as it’s been trialled in Victoria for many years we know it’s happy down south. Well drained clay or sandy loam is a must; full sun is best, there’s no problem with frost, and a good view of the ocean is acceptable.

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