Eucalyptus Winter Light

Eucalyptus Winter Light

Eucalyptus viridis (dwarf selection)

While you may seek privacy screening on the sunny side of your home, you may also want to take advantage of what light is available in winter ~ so in steps Eucalyptus Winter Light. While the long fine openly spaced leaves will effectively block out the sun’s rays on hot days, they allow light to filter through in winter, without diminishing its screening potential. A fine clean trunk adds to the feeling of lightness, while the foliage is all but hidden by nectar-rich white blossom in summer and autumn ~ which makes honey-eating birds happy residents. Eucalyptus Winter Light will grow in a range of climates from cool temperate to sub tropical and semi arid, in well drained clay or sandy loam. Tolerates frost and near coastal sites. A very useful small tree for shelter belts and broad acre windbreaks.

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