Callistemon Candelabra

Callistemon Candelabra

Callistemon pallidus selection

When it’s in flower you could find this plant blindfolded.  It might just be the perfume of the massed lemon brushes, but more likely, it’ll be the honeyeaters in action.  Candelabra is one of those bird magnets that no landscape should ever be without.  Silvery-blue foliage is a beautiful offset to the springtime lustrous lemon brushes, and each cluster is held upright exactly like a candelabra. If you have a bit of sunshine, reasonable drainage (or wet or well drained) and you want mid-level shrubbery to screen your fenceline, plant them about two metres apart; if you only have a narrow space between wall and path or driveway, it will fill the bill nicely and all you need do is an occasional trim to hold it as slim as you wish. Clip off the spent flowers every year. Cool to warm climates, coastal or inland, are fine, and frost won’t bother it.


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