Banksia Tucker Time Birthday Candles

Banksia Tucker Time Birthday Candles

Banksia spinulosa selection

The Designer Plant that took the gardening world by storm. Banksia Birthday Candles is known from Japan to Italy, USA to NZ, and there’s not a landscaper nor retailer who is not familiar with it. The ‘pick’ of the dwarf B. spinulosa selections, it has all the attributes one looks for in a small shrub: dense round habit, neat foliage, a long anticipation period in budset, and in late summer through autumn, dozens of gold & pinky-cream candles that sit on the foliage like so many candles on a cake.  Plant en masse in small garden plots, or decorate patio or courtyard with multiple containers; repeat plantings are so effective in small spaces. Full sun is ideal; cool to warm climates are suitable, and while it loves a coastal garden, it will also tolerate light frost.  Maintenance is easy, just trim off spent flowers.

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