I received my first pair of Fiskars secateurs 13 years ago for my eighteenth birthday, and they have been an integral part of my gardening experience. They’ve moved 3 houses with me, and snipped a variety of plants throughout the years. If you’re like me and get really sentimental about your garden tools, you’ll understand that quality and history matters.

Fiskars offers an extended 25 year warranty on it’s premium ranges. That’s comforting to know! Their products have been crafted using advanced technical manufacturing and materials. They have been tested and perform excellently for the activities and environments they were created for. You can purchase them in confidence knowing that they’ll last.

The history of Fiskars is an interesting and lengthy story. Fiskars is Finland’s oldest company, and in 2019 will be celebrating it’s 370th birthday. Created in 1649, it is recognised today as one of the oldest businesses in the western world, and began when some ironworks were established in Finland. “Fiskars” is in fact a village, located 1 hours west Helsinki. Now, Fiskars’ global headquarters are located in the Arabianranta district of Helsinki.

Their iconic orange-handled scissors (designed by Olof Bäckström) are having their 50th birthday celebrated with a special exhibition at the Helsinki Design Museum. Over a billion pairs have been sold worldwide, so they’ve definitely been a part of many homes and families over the years.

Owning a Fiskars gardening tool really makes you feel part of something special. You can see the level of engineering that has gone into each product and feel the quality and strength. And, it’s reassuring to know that if a random error has occurred in the manufacturing process, Fiskars will help you out with their warranty.

If you’d like to learn some more Fiskars History head to their website for the page Our History. It’s a good read!

Photo from CNN