At Austraflora, we’ve been busy building our brand new covered deck and BBQ area (just finished and opened a fortnight ago!) A beautiful display garden surrounds, with some established Austraflora plants growing. These are very important for breeder and development trials, propagation cutting collection, photography for our labels and website, and staff/customer outdoor enjoyment.

Before we mulched, we thought it was an excellent opportunity to treat our gardens with Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner from Seasol. Being quite established, the soil needed a good pick me up. Also, with the works being carried out on the deck, the soil had been moved and disturbed a fair amount.

The aim of the Super Soil Wetter was to improve water penetration and ensure that the soil would retain moisture and minimise drying. It contains liquid composts which improve and condition the soil, as well as Seasol which promotes healthy root growth and overall plant health. Super Soil Wetter also plays a role in stimulating the growth of beneficial soil microbes, which enhance the fertility and disease resistance of the soil and also helps to oxygenate the soil and improve retention and plant uptake of essential nutrients. After being blanketed with some good quality mulch, you can already tell that the plants are getting some great nutrient uptake with their healthy roots and vibrant growth, and water is definitely being locked in the soil – Great for watering efficiency and having less run-off and water wastage. It will remain active for many months, which will see us through the heat of summer.

It was very easy to use and covered the soil nicely. We only had to ensure that the mixture was washed off the plant foliage to avoid burning (We just went between plants at the root zone.)

We’re really enjoying our new deck, and the gorgeous garden to go with it!

Banksia Sentinel feeling super!