Looking to add some sparkle to your garden this summer? These are our top picks that’ll shine in the sun.

Eucalyptus Summer Scentsation (pictured)
The name says it all, doesn’t it! Around the festive season until early autumn, glorious large yellow flowers will bloom with a lovely scent. They are bird, bee and butterfly attracting. You can also enjoy them indoors as a cut flower in a vase. The tree grows 4-6 m high x 3-4 m wide so will suit a small garden as a feature.

Callistemon Summer Days
This gorgeous shrub has an arching habit, and the flowers bloom on the ends of the branches. This means that you can really appreciate the display of dark red bottle brushes. The flowering time is quite late compared to other Callistemons, making it the perfect plant for Christmas… and gifts!

Hibbertia Sun Shine
The aptly named Hibbertia Sun Shine! A soft lush-foliaged compact shrub. We especially love the year round, lightly perfumed golden flowers which cover the plant, attracting butterflies on warm days. Bright and oh so beautiful!

Remember as the weather gets warmer to give your plants plenty of attention. Water in the early morning and late evening, and be sure to mulch your garden beds!

Sprinkle some Penetraide re-wetting granules on your pots, garden beds and lawns. It lasts up to 12 months and contains added fertiliser. The benefits include:
💧 Increased water penetration
💧 Increased water holding capacity
💧 Reduced water run-off

A controlled-release fertiliser is ideal for a slow feed over the year, and for this Searles Robust Native Plants Fertiliser is our pick. It also contains an instant plant food for an instant boost. Your natives will love the trace elements and minerals, as well as the chelated iron. It’ll last up to 6 months, so just set and forget!