The weather’s warming up and it’s time to get out in the garden and do some planting before the summer heat really hits. What is the best way to do this effectively? We’ve put together some hints to help you out.

  1. If your digging job is decent (more than simple planting), always Dial Before You Dig. It’s a simple toll free call to 1100.
  2. Choose a dry day when the wind is still. It’s easier to dig when it’s not raining, although a bit of moisture is a good thing.
  3. Mark out your holes before you start. Get your spacing and measurements right, and mark with string for a straight line.
  4. Dump any removed soil onto a tarp or sheet of plywood so it’s easy to backfill.
  5. If a hole is unattended for a period of time, cover it with some plywood to prevent somebody injuring themselves, or soil falling back in.

Have you heard of the QuikDrill from Fiskars? It’s a seemingly simple tool, but can make a big difference. When you drill soil, it leaves a smooth edged hole without getting stuck on small stones or roots. The tool’s handle is made from FiberComp (which is a fiberglass reinforced polyamide) to make it extremely strong while its steel tube shaft is designed for maximum strength when digging a hole. The efficiency of this tool is created by its dual cutting action with two optimally angled and sharpened blades. It’ll certainly help your back, arms and hands.