How excited were we to use the brand new Seasol Liquid Compost! It has just been released this spring and has completely wowed us! It’s a soil improver which you simply add to a watering can, or there is a hose on pack available. Absolutely no digging at all! Perfect for adding to your lawn, an established garden bed that you don’t wish to disturb or adding to a new garden bed to give your plants the best start.

This amazing solution revitalises all soil types – improving structure and soil moisture retention, and encouraging worms and microbes. It can help to break up clay soils and reduce nutrient loss in sandy soils. Seasol Liquid Compost contains seaweed, fish and nutrients to help boost root growth, which will protect and improve the soil – especially after garden bed preparation. It also contains Seasol which will promote strong healthy growth and overall plant health.

We decided to treat our display garden beds to it, especially for some of our advanced native plants that are established and mulched. Pictured here is our Atriplex Silver Holly, which really favours well drained sandy soil. It doesn’t perform as well in compacted and waterlogged clays, so is the perfect contender. It was easy to follow the instructions on the back of the bottle, and good to have the option to treat both regular soil and extremely poor soil depending on what the situation is. You continue the treatment every 3-6 months which is simple to keep on top of. The Liquid Compost soaked right in, easy peasy!

Next to try was the hose on pack and we really wanted to try a lawn, so we took it to an Austraflora team member’s house. Super simple to click the hose onto the mechanism with it’s quality fitting. The Liquid Compost came out very easily and generously in a very wide spray. We could see it working it’s magic and coating the garden. It’s wonderful to know that it can be soaked into foliage as well as soil, so it was actually helping the grass itself – especially in preparation for summer time.

This is a fabulous creation and will be loved by gardeners everywhere. A definite staple for the garden shed shelf!