Climbing plants can be used to provide depth and complexity to simple gardening spaces. They’re also wonderful for providing shade when it’s really sunny, dampening noise, and hiding plain walls or structures. With the right care and choice of plant, they’ll certainly bring a lot of joy to your garden.

A climbing plant is a plant which climbs up trees and other tall objects. They can be trained up a wooden or metal trellis, or you can grow them up fences or wall, and even an arch. Be sure to ensure that whatever support system you choose is durable and can withstand the weight. Some climbers are heavier than they look.

In general, you should plant your new climber approximately 30cm away from the base of your support structure so water can reach the roots of your plant. You can lightly trim your climber around autumn-winter to keep them from getting messy.

Here are some Austraflora favourites:

  1. Hardenbergia Free n Easy
  2. Hardenbergia Happy Duo
  3. Hardenbergia Happy Wanderer
  4. Pandorea Wonga Gold Sunrise
  5. Pandorea Lady Di

(Article written with help from Ambius)