When you think of indoor plants, you don’t often think of Australian natives. But there are some native plants that can certainly tolerate brief periods indoors of about 1-2 weeks, given a decent amount of light. Generally, these plants are native to tropical and sub-tropical rainforests, where there is a lower amount of light.

Beautiful plants need beautiful pots, and we absolutely love the range at Northcote Pottery. The new Clio collection are absolutely amazing, and there’s one to suit every style, colour and aesthetic in your home. Whether you like an effortless shabby-chic look, a bold and fabulous statement, or something that’s a bit dainty and cute, Clio has you covered! There’s loads of gorgeous colours to choose from too! Yippee!

Indoor native plant ideas:

Acmena Moonlight Flame

Acmena Allyn Magic

Native Violet (Viola hederacea)

Cycad (Macrozamia communis)

Silky Oak (Grevillea robusta)

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Browse the range online: http://www.northcotepottery.com/pottery/clio

Article written with help from Native Plant Society