Edna Margaret Walling (1895 – 1973) was one of Australia’s most influential landscape designers.

She studied at Burnley College, School of Horticulture, and gained her government certificate in 1917.
Her style was very relaxed, soft and flowing, relying on curving lawns and garden beds to give the illusion of greater space, with little to no hard landscaping. She was simply amazing when it came to her plant knowledge and how they related visually and ecologically. Natives were her favourites, and she planted them throughout her gardens. Green was her colour of choice, with light pastel and white tones dotted throughout. She produced water-colour designs to plan her gardens, which were beautiful in themselves. Many of her plants were propagated by herself, and she was quick to help with physical labour (wearing her her recognisable jodhpurs, jacket and tie of course!)

One of her specialties, was “random planting” to give a more natural feel. She would toss potatoes blindly over her shoulder, and plant wherever they landed.

She passionately protected the natural environment and crusaded for the preservation of indigenous roadside vegetation.

Edna Walling was strong. energetic, determined and very demanding. A force to be reckoned with! Yet she was also generous, fun loving and good company, attracting many loyal admirers and friends.

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Peter Watts

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