On your bag of potting mix, ever noticed the BLACK or RED coloured ticks on the bag?
Did you know it is actually a quality code, and can help you make a better choice!

“Black Tick” or Regular Potting Mixes need to conform to the basic standards: Air and water holding, nitrogen, pH, EC (salt), and other general minerals.

“Red Tick” or Premium Potting Mixes need to meet similar standards plus the addition of fertiliser to last a minimum of 6 weeks.

BUT – Just because it is red (premium) doesn’t make it the best it can be! The red tick bags only contain the MINIMUM ingredients. You can do much better than 6 weeks!

Debco mixes are made from superior quality ingredients with fertilisers lasting up to 12 months (rather than 6 weeks), and boosted with SaturAid wetting agent, water storing crystals and trace elements.

Last week we put the question out there to the Austraflora facebook page followers – “When you’re buying potting mix, what matters most to you?”

It was great to see that lots of people already knew about and valued the red tick quality, choosing the best ingredients for their plants!

We agree – If you want the best results from your plants, then give them a great start with some top quality mix!