Spring is just around the corner! Ahh we can’t wait to get outside in the sunny weather and have fun in the garden again. Looking for some ideas on how you can get started now? Here’s our top 5 jobs to do in the garden before spring!


  1. Weeding – The rain has softened up the soil, so it’s much easier to pull out weeds. Now’s the time to pull out those pesky weeds before they get bigger and the ground gets drier!
  2. Pruning – Late winter is a fabulous time to get your plants in shape for the warmer months.
  3. Look after your soil so that it’s healthy for spring. Add some mulch and some lovely organic matter. Read our article Refreshing Your Soil for some tips!
  4. Paths can be cleaned now! Over winter they may have gotten messy and slippery, so give them a good scrub and kill any little weeds that may have popped through.
  5. Keep the snails and slugs in check by putting up some traps. There’s lots of organic ways to keep these little guys at bay including egg-shells, beer traps, and coffee grounds. Read our article Snail Situation for some ideas!