Beautiful bears like this fuzzy fellow are being assisted thanks to donations made from sales of Grevillea Woolly Bear Hero to Free The Bears Fund. This wonderful organisation aims to protect, preserve and enrich the lives of bears throughout the world, and hopes to see a world where bears are valued as an integral part of the natural environment and are no longer exploited or abused. It’s a charity that’s close to our hearts.


The plant itself is just lovely. A carpet of small, dense, grey foliage that’s soft to touch. During autumn to summer you’ll see massed bunches of shell pink flowers, and sporadic blooms throughout the year. Native birds find it irresistible! Pop it in full sun and it’ll grow 50 cm high and 150cm wide. Grows especially well in coastal conditions. It looks nice along path edges, dotted in front of taller plants, and an amazing feature in a pot. A light trim over summer is all it needs to keep it fresh and vigorous.

Treat yourself (or give as a thoughtful gift), and help some bears in need.

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