Hanging baskets are a simple way to add a splash of colour to your garden or patio. Just a little bit of work to create a striking piece of green art that you’ll continue to enjoy. It’s very easy to spruce up a dull wall or rafter, and they open up a world of possibility rather than taking up surfaces – especially in small gardens. There’s such a universal appeal when it comes to hanging baskets – perhaps it’s because flowers which can often be missed, are placed at your eye level where you can view them, touch them, and even take in their extra perfume. Often, more delicate plants can go unnoticed, whereas you can really appreciate their beauty in a basket.

Here are our Hanging Basket tips:

  1. Always make sure you use the best quality potting mix. Hanging baskets are vulnerable to drying out. We recommend Terracotta & Tub Superior Potting Mix from Debco.
  2. Choose smaller plants, and for a really effortless look try a flowing plant that will soften the edges of the basket. You can browse through Austraflora’s Groundcover range for ideas. Herbs are also a tried and true choice.
  3. Pinch your plant tips to keep them compact and avoid them getting straggly.

The hanging basket selection at Northcote Pottery is definitely worth a look! We especially love their Artevasi range in the gorgeous pastel colours available. Elegant and versatile, there’s a style to suit any gardener. They’re very light weight and easily transportable, so you can change your look again and again. All Artevasi plants feature a UV stabilised finish, and will suit both indoor and outdoor use. You’ll be happy to also know that they’re frost-proof, recyclable, shatterproof and impact resistant.

So treat your garden to a hanging basket and give one a try – The hardest part is choosing the design and plant combo!