Garden ponds are a beautiful addition to any garden, and one of the most rewarding pleasures is to witness wildlife enjoying an environment you’ve provided. Frogs are amphibious creatures, and enjoy spending time both in and out of the water. The water is very important to lay their frogspawn, but they also need a moist surround on land. It is key to remember that they have four basic needs: shelter, moisture, food, and a safe breeding place. Once you’ve ticked these boxes, frogs will be jumping with glee to live in your garden!

  • Provide easy access to the water, with sloped sides and smooth rocks.
  • Have as little disturbance and splashing fountains as possible. Frogs like quiet and still water.
  • Don’t have fish. They will prey on the frogs, tadpoles and eggs.
  • Add plants in and around your pond. Natives are best! These provide cover, shade, protection and food for frog prey.
  • Don’t keep your pond too clean. Organic matter creates natural conditions, and feeds the frog prey.
  • Place a couple of clay plant pots, on their side and partly buried, to provide extra shelter and shade. Remember frogs like it damp and cool, and also need places to hide from predators.
  • If you have dogs and cats, try to limit their access to the pond area.
  • Frogs are very sensitive to pollutants and you do not want to use garden chemicals in your yard that might ultimately hurt the frogs.

Photo credit: Eiko Jones