At Austraflora, we’re excited to learn that one of our favourite products is now new improved with the help of Troforte Technology. PowerFeed with Troforte is an organically enriched granular plant food, and it certainly has impressed us!

So first of all – What is troforte? It is pronounced “tro-fort-ay” and is a completely different way to feed your plants that is rapidly gaining in popularity. Rather than the classic NPK-only method, troforte focuses on making existing nutrients in the soil more available for the plants. Importantly, it contains live microbes which begin to work once the fertiliser gets watered and begins to break down. It is the microbes that convert existing nutrients in the soil into an available form that the plants can use.

PowerFeed with Troforte delivers a unique balance of slow and quick release of nutrients to all plants, including natives. It boosts health and growth by providing the essential nutrients of nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K) plus also adds iron, magnesium, calcium and trace elements. It also contains specific granules (containing natural ores in the form of rock minerals) which are coated organically with up to 24 strains of Australian cultured beneficial microbes. These are the microbes which help to improve soil structure and assist plants in nutrient uptake and can help protect plants from soil borne diseases.

The result is vigorous and healthy growth, plus beautiful flowers, an abundance of fruit – and most importantly – Exceptionally improved soil for healthy roots!

Head to your local nursery to pick up a tub today!