When it comes to tools, Fiskars are without a doubt a cut above the rest! Here are our top 3 recommended tools when it comes to giving your plants a prune…

The Fiskars​ PowerGear Steel Hedge Shears are an impressive pair of garden shears, and will make hedge care and trimming a breeze. Pruning your Callistemon or shaping your Grevillea – it’s simple with PowerGear! With extra lightweight and strong handles and a special steel PowerGear mechanism, cutting is safer, easier, and more comfortable. The blades are made from extra hard, corrosion resistant steel (CrMoV). This ensures they stay sharper for longer while their non stick PFTE coating on their upper blade reduces friction and also assists cutting. We also think the cushioned stoppers in the tool are great, which are there to protect hand muscles whilst you’re trimming for a longer amount of time.

The Fiskars​ PowerGear Steel Bypass Lopper is the ideal tool for pruning your trees and large shrubs. It features stiff aluminium handles which maximise the power used between the blades. The PowerGear mechanism is especially important in this tool’s technology, focusing in the middle of the cut where power is most needed. The upper blade of this lopper is made from high quality hardened carbon steel with a non stick PTFE coating on upper blade to reduce friction and make cutting and cleaning easier. The cast aluminium anvil blade ensures more efficient lopping and cutting of branches thanks to its robustness.

The Fiskars​ PowerGear Bypass Pruner is the most clever and comfy secateurs you will use. From cutting an Alyogyne to dead-heading a Brachyscome, this will do a beautiful clean job with no strain on your hands. Thanks to the PowerGear technology, all your fingers are used simultaneously and exert an equal but reduced pressure for maximum power and less effort on every cut. Extra hard corrosion resistant steel (CrMoV) ensures they stay sharper for longer, whilst the non stick PTFE coating on the upper blade reduces friction and makes cutting and cleaning easier.

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