Spring is a great time to plant herbs. Whether grown on a small balcony in a space saving planter or as part of an established vegie garden, there’s nothing like having fresh herbs on hand whenever you need them.

Lemon balm (Melisa officianalis)

Lemon balm is closely related to mint and has similar growing requirements. It is however, less invasive and is easier to control. Its leaves emit a delicious lemon fragrance when crushed and make a soothing tea.

Sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum)

Basil is a frost-tender summer annual that is planted in spring or summer and generally dies before the arrival of winter. Basil can be planted as seed or seedlings in a sunny position after frosts have finished. Water frequently and harvest leaves regularly for best results. Unlike most herbs, basil’s flavour intensifies with cooking.

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

Thyme likes a sunny location and is quite dry tolerant so don’t overwater it. Growing 15-25cm in height, this perennial has a low, spreading habit. Its flavour blends well with garlic, olive oil and tomatoes. Allow a few months for it to establish, after which time, leaves can be harvested at any time. In warm climates, prune it hard every spring to prevent it becoming woody. Thyme is one of the most versatile herbs in the kitchen and there is an old adage, ‘When in doubt, use thyme’.

After you plant your herbs in the garden, water them in with SeaMaxR® Fish & Kelp to reduce plant stress and give them a much needed boost in their new location.