It’s easy to plant out your pots when you follow the simple tip of categorising plants as “Thrillers” “Spillers” and “Fillers”.

You can use this method whether you’re filling one large pot with several small plants, or putting together a cluster of matching pots. Herbs, veggies, annuals, or even natives – all can benefit from this design tip!

Thrillers – These are showy plants with a bit of height. They are the focal point in your design. Place at the back or in the middle of your container, as a bold statement. If working with a cluster of pots, you can also put the Thriller in the centre or towards the back.

Spillers – These plants are placed around the edges of the pot to tumble over the side and soften your look. In a cluster of pots, these can be placed around the sides and front.

Fillers – Foliage or flowering plants that will complement but not overwhelm the main player.

We especially love the pot collection at Northcote Pottery. In particular, their urbanLITE range, made from a unique combination of clay and fibreglass. They’re very light and easy to move around – excellent if you wish to change your look! They’re available in a wide range of colours and sizes, as well as a beautiful selection of both classic and modern designs.

Here is a list of examples of our own Austraflora range, categorised into Thrillers, Spillers and Fillers.

Lomandra Frosty Top
Anigozanthos Ruby Slippers
Dianella Cherry Red

Scaevola Fan Tastic
Crowea Edna Walling
Brachyscome Bliss Collection

Lomandra Emerald Grace
Acacia Mop Top
Correa Dawn Bells

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