For over 30 years, Seasol has been manufacturing and marketing organic and environmentally friendly plant tonics, fertilisers and water-saving products. The value that they place on the health of the environment is one of the many reasons we choose to use Seasol – alongside the fact that their products work exceptionally well (even on natives) and really do make your garden grow!

Seasol is a highly effective organic plant health tonic that is made from sustainably sourced Bull Kelp and Knotted Kelp. Bull Kelp is collected from the shores of remote beaches, rather than from living marine forests. Knotted Kelp grows in shallow intertidal waters, and is ‘pruned’ back leaving the base intact, so that it can re-grow.

As well as being made from sustainable ingredients, Seasol treats plants in a unique way which ensures an environmentally friendly result in your garden.

Plants which have been treated by Seasol are more resistant to sucking insects and fungal attack. This means that you will use considerably less chemicals in your garden to treat pests. Seasol treated plants are also more tolerant to heat and drought, so you will be using much less water in your garden.

So for a beautiful garden and a happy planet, Don’t Forget the Seasol!