We just can’t get enough of native plants! With new grafted varieties and more compact forms now available Australian plants have lost their reputation for being finicky and straggly. There are natives with big bold flowers, never ending displays of colour and architectural forms that you would grow simply for their foliage.  The newer ranges of pot worthy natives are sort out by city gardeners for their beauty and dry tolerance. Plus many Australian plants don’t just withstand tough conditions, they flourish in them.

If you’re wondering what to use to give phosphorous sensitive native plants a boost, try a combination of Seasol and PowerFeed from www.seasol.com.au

  • Seasol has virtually no phosphorous in it and is therefore safe to use on all native plants. Seasol stimulates root development and promotes spectacular flowers. It also builds resistance to drought, frost, pest and disease
  • PowerFeed is an organically based liquid fertiliser.  It’s also low in phosphorous and has all the right nutrients to promote growth of your native plants, plus fish and liquid composts to improve and condition the soil.