We’re not going to “stick a cork in it” when it comes to telling you all about the new Quantum range from Fiskars!

We’ve already been impressed by the comfort and quality that Fiskars has demonstrated with their other tools, but what sets these tools apart from the rest, is the warm and comfortable cork handle inlay, which is 100% sustainable and recyclable.

After the harvest of Quercus Suber bark in spring and summer from sustainable plantings, the tree immediately starts regenerating. Cork harvesting is a labour intensive business – the process is achieved entirely without machinery using a specialised axe for the purpose.

As a material, cork is recognised and valued for its lightness, good thermal insulation, shock absorption, good cushioning properties, water resistance, good friction coefficient and comfortable feel.

The supreme combination of smooth, light and strong aluminium bodies, superior blades and signature TruGrip cork handles has already been recognised for its excellence with the prestigious red dot design award – best of the best 2012.

The Quantum range tools are easier, lighter, more efficient and simply more pleasurable – which is ultimately what gardening should be all about!