Landscape designer, Matthew Daly, was a newcomer to MIFGS this year. Based in Perth, the team decided to challenge themselves after winning first prize last year at Garden Week in WA. They have been inspired to continue to design for MIFGS and work their way up in the future. The garden is quite simple, yet different and unique. It shows a journey that subtly reflects British Colony to present day. As you sweep through the garden you can see an English style, then evolution to traditional Australian natives. The plants are common, so you could use this style at home – native grasses such as lomandra, carex and ficinia teamed with striking Silver Birch and “Capital” Callery Pears. The main feature of the garden is an outdoor pool house which is very practical. You could easily imagine 5 -6 people utilizing it as an entertaining BBQ area. This design could be replicated in any garden over Australia, and it could suit any number of housing styles and backyard space. I also really enjoyed the design quirk on the back fence – vertical wooden stripes creatively aligned to give that modern touch and sense of movement and journey. Plus, the plunge pool and use of water was a neat concept.  In all, this garden was simple, practical and a great start for MJD Landscapes and Design.