This garden certainly stopped many people in their tracks. It won Gold this year for its unique style and different take on outdoor living. There was not so much a focus on plants, but more on the beautiful timber decking, sweet family “retreat” and of course the memorable Italian-crafted “Him & Her” chairs. Although these were the garden’s focal point, my favourite pieces of furniture were the “wine cork style” stools and coffee-table which Marnie designed herself, placed in-between the fireplace and bathtub. When asked about the story behind her garden, Marnie informed me that her sister was getting married and moving to Norway with her Scandinavian fiancé. This garden was to be a “gift” to her sister, and something they could share together. It was designed to reflect a Nordic forest, with plants such as scleranthus biflorus, juniperus conferta, buxus, and pinus radiata. The striking white pebbles mimic the fallen snow. Conifers have always been considered a thing of the past, but this design may help to bring them back into people’s gardens because they are different, tough, and have an interesting form. Also Marnie challenges the idea that Scandinavian design and furniture don’t always have to be used as an interior style. Unique, and unusual, this design is a compete statement.