Westringia Edna Walling Rosemary

Westringia Edna Walling Rosemary

Westringia Edna Walling® Rosemary

Westringia glabra x linifolia

Attractive but tough plants suitable for screening are in high demand and Edna Walling® Rosemary is perfectly placed to fill the ‘medium height’ niche. Such plants need to be able to bounce back from a bit of ‘rough and tough’ damage in utility areas and still look good. It has a soft dense grey-green habit and violet-lilac butterfly-attracting flowers through mid- year.   Does well in cool temperate to sub tropical and semi-arid climates. Likes well drained clay or gravelly loams, neutral to low acid and low alkaline pH, moderately frost tolerant, and suits a near-coastal position too.  While Edna Walling® Rosemary may be trimmed to produce a more formal effect, it can be used as a less formal shrub in the general landscape.

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