Alyogyne Karana

Alyogyne Karana

Alyogyne Karana

Alyogyne huegelii selections

These gorgeous creatures belong in the same family as Hibiscus, and for ease of memory are referred to as ‘Blue Hibiscus’, more to do with the foliage than the flower colours.

Though they are similar in size (1-1.5 m tall and wide), their flowers are different in hue.  Karana has deep mauve, open trumpets while the flowers of Misty are pale soft mauve; both bloom from spring to autumn.

The choice for you is simply colour preference (or maybe choose both?) as they both grow as dense hedges for screening or could even be espaliered.  They’ll thrive in well drained soils, in cool temperate to sub tropical regions, including coastal areas.

They’ll quickly re-shape after having their feathers ruffled with a cutting back, once flowering is over.

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