Grevillea Copper Crest

Grevillea Copper Crest

Grevillea Copper Crest™

Grevillea aquifolium x acanthifolia

When rain hasn’t fallen for some time and the amount of water you can use for your garden is limited, then dense ground covering plants such as Copper Crest™ have a major role to play. Combined with a thick mulch, the cooling effect of dense plants ensures that evaporation is kept to a minimum. Plants are healthier and are more attractive when given optimum conditions in harder times. Copper Crest™ thrives in a range of climates from cool temperate to sub tropical, and the long pink toothbrush flowers ensure regular visits from a range of honey-eating and other small birds throughout the year.  Attractive divided foliage has rich coppery new growth in spring and summer. Both near-coastal sites and inland with some frost are suitable, in moist clay or sandy loams of neutral to acid pH.  A good clip back after flowering is recommended.

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